Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rapunzel and Iguana for Kathryn 5th Birthday

Mandy called from Singapore few weeks ago to order a cake for her 5th Kathryn's birthday which will be celebrated at Malacca. She requested Rapunzel on the cake and few iguanas as deco.

After delivered the cake to her about 3 hours ago, i have a look at those pictures here, OMG!!!!!!!!

I have misspelled KATHRYN's name on the cake "KATHRNY" ..... Mandy, am so sorry, please apologize for my carelessness and overlooked to the very important thing .... So sorry Mandy .....

After i posted this, I received Mandy's text but it was blank. So i sent her an apology, then she sent me this "No u got it right! U make her a very happy bday gal!"

Thankyou Mandy ....

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