Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Barney and friends cake

Barney & friends cake

wedding cake

2 stack wedding cake

white and green wedding cake

Friday, October 10, 2014

Chanel handbag cake

3D Chanel purse cake for mom.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wedding cake

2 stack buttercream cake with pink peony

Wedding cake

Blue and purple cake and cupcake for wedding.

Mini fondant cake

5 pcs mini fondant cake for hantaran.

Panda cupcake

Panda cupcake for Nur Firdaus 11th birthday.

Golf cake

Golf theme cake for Zack 32nd birthday.

Number one cake

Number 1 cake with mickey and baby figurine topper for Faheem Rizqy 1st cake.

Football cake

Football theme cake for Dhani 5th birthday.

Doraemon cake and cupcake

Doraemon theme cake and cupcake for Aqil 1st birthday.

wedding cake

2 stack wedding cake with pink belacan theme color.

Hantaran cake

Cake with pink and cream flower.

Hagemaru cake

Hagemaru cake for Irfan and Aqil 1st birthday.

Wedding cakes

3 stack wedding cakes.

Fire engine cake

Fire engine cake for Rayyan Haziq birthday.

Lego cake

Lego cake for Hadif Irfan 6th birthday.

Muslimah cake

Muslimah doll cake for Ainul Mardhiah 1st cake.

Pocoyo cake

Pocoyo cake for Haziq Ziqry 2nd birthday.

Transformer cake

Transformer edible image cake for Akid 6th birthday.

Hantaran cake

Cake for hantaran with purple peony from Jaffar Sadiq to Shida.

Cupcake hantaran

Peach and white theme hantaran cupcake from Syukur to Niena.

Cream and white color theme wedding cake

Cream and orange theme wedding

Pink and peach theme color wedding cake

Pink and peach theme wedding cake.

Bumblebee cake

Bumblebee transformer cake for Dhaamin 4th birthday.

3D car cake

3D car cake for Sham 25th birthday.

Monday, October 6, 2014

3D Chanel bag cake

3D chanel bag cake for engagement gift from Helmy to Shira, Kuala Lumpur.

Elsa frozen cake

Elsa frozen cake for Mia Husna.

Bowling cake

3D bowling ball cake for Muhammad.

Pocoyo cake

Pocoyo theme cake for Nur Elena Najwa 1st birthday.

Ultraman cake

Moist chocolate cake with ultraman edible image for Haziq 7th birthday.

Pirate ship cake

Pirate ship theme cake for Sebastian 4th birthday.

Boboiboy cake

Cake with boboiboy edible image for Akif 3rd birthday.

Cake with boboiboy edible image for Amirul Faris.

Lady bird cake

3D lady bird cake for Asyikeen 23rd birthday.

Disney mcqueen car cake

3D disney mcqueen car cake for Azly 4th birthday.

Frozen cake

Frozen theme cake for Jeanne 6th birthday.

Frozen theme cake for Khalisah 4th birthday.

Frozen edible image cake for Puteri Soraya 4th birthday.

Cupcake hantaran

16 pcs cupcake with figurines for hantaran from afiq to atiqah.

Frozen theme cake

Frozen theme cake for Sophie Isla 1st cake.

Frozen theme cake for Putri 8th birthday.

Frozen theme cake for Fatnin Afifah 5th birthday.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

aishah sofiah 1st birthday

Anna frozen cake

zamir 2nd birthday

Barney & friends cake