Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sufi 14th birthday with 3D football cake

3D football cake

Azfy 3rd birthday

Tayo bus cake

Sebastian turned 3rd with fire engine cake

Fire engine cake

Rainbow cake for Qian

Rainbow colors

Qian turned 4 with Oggy cockroaches cake

Oggy cockroaches cake

Azim 7th birthday

Air plane cake for Azim

Oggy cockroaches cake for Qamar Mirza's 4th birthday

Oggy cockroaches  figurines cake topper

Anniversary for Lin

2 tier wedding cake

Wedding cake

Hantaran cakes


Mini fondant for hantaran

Minecraft cake topper for Efemena

Efemena 7th birthday

Barney cake for 1st Dahlia

Barney and friends

Wedding cake

Buttercream wedding cake

Aryssa's 7th birthday

Princess castle cake

Aqeelah's 1st birthday

Hello kitty for Aqeelah 1st birthday

Kiddos cake

Pocoyo for 1st Haziq Ziqry
Qayyum 5th birthday
Upin dan Ipin for Mira 4th birthday  

Peter pan for Adam Umar Darius 5th birthday

Peter pan in a boat

Tuesday, September 17, 2013