Sunday, December 12, 2010


Shuhada (Jasin) in her email attached a picture that she wants me to deco for her brother's wedding at Felda Senggeng (am not sure of the spelling, pls correct me if am wrong .... hehehe) and of course i cant copy 100% coz am not copier machine ..... sort of ... (credit to the genuine ???? i dont know who ???

this one was fun making... Ida (Damansara) also sent picture thru email of cake that she admires. I like it too (credit to the originals). Its for her baby Isha's 1st birthday. The first crown i made cracked after sometimes... huhuhu.... hope this one works well and stay good until she collect ... hmmm

Nanie (VIP) thankyou for being one of my loyal customers ..... hehehe, cant say "NO" once she replaced order..... cupcakes as gift for her niece Wani..

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